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Protect What Matters to You

To Love is to Protect

48% of people who die every day leave no life insurance behind, and 21% don't have enough!

Get Your Plan Today

National Option is for family protect for those who live in the United States and provide funeral
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The average funderal costs in the United State are skyrocketing, and most of us don't have enough $

Experience and service you can count on

Backed by Assure for Life: 70 years of experience

Peace of mind to stop thinking of all the bad things that can happen

You are not alone

The funeral assistance plan is there with you every step of the way

Funeral Assistance Plan

Plan Covers Up to 7 people

Don't have to be related

No Medical Exam Required

You only need your name, address, and DOB

U.S = South America and the Caribbean

As low as $60 per month for 7 people

Ages 0 - 80

Pay annually & get 2 month discount

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