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PROFESSIONAL NOTARY SERVICE IN NEW YORK. We have over 12 years of notarial services experience. My company, East Harlem Insurance Brokerage, and East Harlem Tax Service offer your connection to outside mobile notary services which includes notarizing real estate transaction signings, trust, and estate forms, affidavits, loan agreements, contracts, and a variety of other legal transaction documents. We come to you. My company serves all New York City counties--New York, Bronx, Queens, Kings, and Richmond. In addition, we serve the outer counties of Long Island and Upstate New York. (With at least 6-hour advance notice). Make an appointment here


1. Come to me                         $2.00
2. Travel within 2 miles            $10.00
3. Travel within 15 miles           $100.00
4. Travel after 15 miles plus      $2.50 per mile$105.00
5. Purchase - buyer side           $125.00
6. Refinance                              $125.00
7. Purchase - sell side               $125.00  


Other Pricing Notes
Additional: print fee, $10.00 Fax/scan back fee, $25.00 Additional signer: $10.00 each

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